What Clients Are Saying About TIME FOR SACRED SPACE:

"I can't say thanks enough; everything looks & feels great, and like I actually have a real home, haven't felt that in about a year now!"
— K.M., PHD Candidate, Emeryville

"With thanks for helping me bring a stillness to my life."
— L.J., foot reflexologist, San Francisco, CA

“I can't thank you enough for all the help in organization and Feng Shui. My place and life has been transformed."

"I had gotten so busy that I started throwing everything into the extra bedroom in my condo. Next thing I knew, it was piled high with “stuff” and I couldn't even walk across to the other side of the room. I sought Marissa’s help to declutter that space, and now it is a spacious home office that I love! But that was just the beginning of what turned into a reorganization of my entire home. Her recommendations for each room’s layout, organization and the elements to use in decorating, have truly transformed the whole place. Everything is now in its place and she taught me to get rid of the things I didn't need. I feel a much more positive flow of energy and it’s finally the peaceful sanctuary I always envisioned having!"

— L.R., small business owner, San Bruno, CA

"...the place/closet looks SPECTACULAR!!! Thank you soooo much. We love you, n merry Christmas!"
— T.S., financial advisor, Millbrae, CA

"I feel very happy and blessed with the results of the first three days and have been continuing every day to make progress…there is a positive vibe and energy to my home. I'm loving it."
— K.S., music publisher/entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

"It has helped me to break great barriers of self-loathing…Improved quality of life…healthier attitudes…De-cluttering solutions that are just waiting for me to practice more consistently!"
— M.S., mother, Millbrae, CA

"Her capacity for organizing is exceptional as I have used others before and after her…Not only is she very capable, but her personality is gentle but firm. She is not intrusive, but suggests and nudges. To me, it is a wonderful combination! Especially to those of us who hate letting go of chaos…she made my life a heck of a lot easier."
— D.M., baker/actress, Los Angeles, CA

"Releasing a full-length album, selling it successfully, having my songs placed in movies and TV and touring Europe seemed unrealistic to me because I have a full-time teaching career. Through Marissa's help I have realized all of these goals in a relatively short time…I have experienced improvement in other areas of my life including my teaching, personal relationships, and finances. Once Marissa started working with me on redesigning my home and work spaces, I experienced immediate and prosperous results…She is very encouraging and has a way of inspiring me toward stretching my goals further than I thought possible…Her help has been invaluable and very effective at producing results."
— M.R., elementary school teacher/musician, Los Angeles, CA

"…an inspiration, a good source of marvelous ideas, a great friend…"
— L.K., mother/culinary student, San Leandro, CA

"Thank you Marissa.
You are a darling.
Plus very very lovely in many ways. A bit of eye candy amidst the chaos.
Calm, insightful, observant, perseverant, dedicated, clear, patient, understanding, kind, willing to negotiate, open-hearted, intuitive, creative, humorful, sympathetic, willing to share yourself. 🌟❤️"
— J.W., Nurse, Berkeley